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About Fireside Printing

Fireside Printing was established under the name Rush Printing in Warren, Michigan back in the early 1950s. Moved to Marietta, Georgia in 1999, Fireside Printing took on new life under the stewardship of Steve Rush. It was here in Marietta that the modern innovations were adopted that enable Fireside to provide greater flexibility at a lower cost than had been possible in the early days of the company.

The company now operates a wider array of presses that give us flexibility that our founder only dreamed about. This variety of equipment allows us to provide a range of options to allow us to bring your concept to reality and fit within your budget.

Steve began his journey in the world of printing under the tutelage of his grandfather Walter Pospiech at the age of ten. During one of the family visits, his grandfather was finishing up a print job on his 1905 vintage Chandler & Price hand fed press. After expressing keen interest in the machine, his grandfather began instructing Steve in the art of hand typesetting, press make ready and operation. From that point on, as the saying goes, there was ink in his blood.

Steve continued his education and training in the field of printing at The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, and graduated with a degree in Printing Management in 1986. He also earned his MBA at Georgia State University in 1995.

According to Steve: “From the first time I inked up a press and pulled that impression handle, I knew that I wanted to be a printer. There is just something about transforming a blank piece of paper into a thing of beauty that aligns with my creative instincts. Working on the machines also goes hand in hand with my mechanical proclivities. I love to tinker.

I’m a recycle fanatic - an environmentally aware person that tries to live as earth friendly as possible. I’m proud of the fact that letterpress is comparatively a very benign activity environmentally. Our house stocks are composed of either 100% recycled cotton or include 10% post consumer waste. Even then, not much is wasted on press. A typical single color card may only require 10 pieces to set up. Compare this to offset lithography, where 100 is the norm. Letterpress is very tree friendly. I lover everything about letterpress. Give me a call, I love to talk about it!"